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CIS Irrigation, Inc, formed in 1998, is the Motorola Value added Reseller and Technical support for the Motorola Central control system in Central USA. We offer local and remote control solutions using the Motorola systems in application such as SCADA for Pump/valve control in water management projects, irrigation control, remote water metering central control and Greenhouses control. We proudly represent high quality products of controllers from Motorola and other irrigation products such as valves, flow meters, solenoids, Fertilizing machines, sensors, PVC, etc from world wide companies like Netafim, Tal-Gil, Ooval, Dorot, Bermad, Baccara, Arad. We invite you to look through our many products and enjoy the great variety and flexibility they offer. Lately, we added the Aqua-traxx tape due to its precision and close emitter spacing.


Motorola Authorized Sales and Technical Support for The Irrigation Central Control Systems.

Rainbired Factory Certified Maxicom Central control irrigation Technical Support and Operator.

CIS Irrigation, Inc.